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Welcome to the CAAC website.  We are a unique association that is committed to changing the way ambulatory healthcare is supported and perceived in Canada. This year we are celebrating our 5th anniversary. We have exciting plans on the horizon which includes our newly revamped strategic plan for the next 5 years. To lead the execution of our strategic plan, we have reorganized and enhanced our executive team; reassigning key VP’s to capitalize on their strengths, and recruiting experienced leaders to focus on technology and business development.

The CAAC is a global leader in ambulatory care and innovation. Our culture is what and who we are. We put the patient experience first in everything we do. Our focus is on health -promoting, planning, implementing and delivering extraordinary ambulatory care to each and every patient.  This means that we stress the importance of ambulatory care practice and the patient experience. We get things done right by ensuring that we maintain our focus, support our peer initiatives and promote ambulatory care research.

As an association we also believe in collaboration with our healthcare partners across the country and internationally to build a comprehensive ambulatory care network.  Our vision is to be one of Canada’s most respected associations. This will be achieved by providing unsurpassed forums for collaboration and information sharing to enhance the patient experience. This is a great time to be a member of our association. You won’t find a group more inclusive, more collaborative, and more motivated than our members. Our educational events build bridges to promote primary and secondary prevention to improve the lives of our patients. We foster an environment where we can all achieve the highest level of excellence by reflecting on the changing population needs, and raising the bar high for the delivery of patient care.

The CAAC is a great association with a great future ahead of it. I hold our members in the highest regard, and provide special awards for outstanding achievements that drive the CAAC mission to transform how we deliver care to our patients. I am proud of the progress that this association has made to date. I want to thank members, our healthcare partners, our sponsors, and the CAAC executive for supporting our shared vision.  It is therefore with great promise that I look to the future, I look forward to communicating our progress in the coming year.


Yours Truly,

Denyse Henry
CAAC Founder & CEO