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The CAAC holds conferences around Canada bringing together physicians, nurses, health researchers, and other health care practitioners in the ambulatory care field from all over Canada, the United States, and the world. Every conference has a distinct theme around practices and innovations within the ambulatory care field. It provides opportunity for education, practice innovation, and partnerships. In addition to concurrent symposiums and interactive workshops, attendees enjoy team building activities, like the Conference Amazing Race, to create connections and tour the city where the conference is held. 

2024 – Coming May 23-24

2019 – Access and Healthcare Navigation in Ambulatory Care

2018 – Strategies for Improving the Patient Experience in Ambulatory Care

2017 – Promoting Best Practices in Ambulatory Care: The Pathway to Clinical Excellence

2016 – The Patient Experience in Ambulatory Care: Striving for Excellence

2015 – Ambulatory Based Care: A Framework for Preventable Hospitalizations

2013 – Ambulatory Care: The Need for Alternatives to Hospital Based Treatments

2012 – Preventative Medicine: The Wave of the Future

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