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Mentorship Program

The Canadian Association of Ambulatory Care is pleased to announce the Mentorship program.

The goal of this program is to establish a mutually beneficial mentor-mentee relationship as the mentees transition into ambulatory care settings and leadership roles.

The objectives of this mentorship program are leadership development, knowledge ex-change for diversity and inclusion, career growth, and on boarding new staff. Several people maybe interested in shadowing in ambulatory care settings. For new leaders this is an opportunity to access experienced leaders in the ambulatory settings. This mentor-mentee experience will help ease the transition to ambulatory leadership, build relation-ships with other leaders in the ambulatory care and provide feedback and support.

This program also aims to help mentor people who may not have peer support, are isolated and need help. Both mentee and mentor gain opportunities for personal and professional growth, as well as increased self-worth and fulfilment.

The program offers an organized environment where mentors can offer mentees knowledge, advice, direction, and support to advance their career.

Benefits for all the stakeholders taking part in this program:


Mentee Benefits

Opportunity to learn new skills and gain experiences to enhance learning about ambulatory care Network possibilities and meaningful professional relationship that could lead to future opportunities


Mentor Benefits

The opportunity to nurture talented possible employees A leadership role in the development and support of another professional Opportunity to network with other mentors resulting in supporting one’s field of work


Keep checking back for further details if you're seeking for mentors and mentees in the structured mentorship program. Please email caacmentorship@gmail.com with any inquiries or expressions of interest.