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CAAC 2023 Conference Registration On Hold

Over the past few years our healthcare system has faced unprecedented challenges as patients, healthcare providers, public health , and policy makers and more continue to navigate the impact of COVID-19.

After 3 years the CAAC 2023 Conference will be held in-person on October 20th in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, providing an opportunity to connect and collaborate in person. This is a premier conference bringing together ambulatory care providers, policymakers and researchers from various regions across Canada and internationally. 

This year’s conference theme is centered around addressing access to care on an ambulatory care basis and will be focusing on the shift toward value-based healthcare delivery, including the ever-changing demands on ambulatory care out of hospital requiring leaders to think differently.

Attendees can expect keynote and breakout sessions with valuable takeaways that can be implemented to create a culture in which leaders and their teams can excel in the ever changing ambulatory care environment. 

Register 5 people, the 6th person is free.
Send an email to caactreasurer1@gmail.com with the information

Please see the Program at a Glance. The presentation times indicated are a draft and will be confirmed soon.

Conference program will include:

  • Keynote panel address

  • Oral and poster presentations

  • Networking reception

  • Great prizes

  • Panel discussion

  • 1:1 discussion with vendors and suppliers across Canada and much more

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If you have any questions, please contact us at: canadianambulatorycare@gmail.com

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